Our Team

Wade Murray


Mr. Murray was appointed by the Board of Police Commissioners in 2006.  In addition to being a City Councillor from 2003 until 2016, Mr. Murray has owned several small businesses and has been...


Bob Watt


Mr. Watt was appointed by the Board of Police Commissioners in 2013.  Prior to his retirement in 2010, Mr. Watt was City Leader for Deloitte in Regina.  In his role as City Leader he was the...


Bernie Eiswirth

Mr. Eiswirth was appointed by the Regina Police Association in 1995 and has acted in the role of Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson for the past 13 years.  Mr. Eiswirth retired from the Regina Police...


Sergeant Jason Gunderson

Sergeant Gunderson was appointed to the Board in 2014 by the Regina Police Association. He is a Sergeant with the Regina Police Service and the Training Coordinator for the Regina Police Service...


Superintendent Darcy Koch

Superintendent Koch was appointed to the Board as a representative of the Regina Police Senior Officers’ Association. He is currently the Superintendent for the Support Services Division.


Deputy Chief Lorilee Davies


Superintendent Davies has been a member of the Regina Police Service for over 20 years and was appointed as an observer for the Pension Plan in 2016. Deputy Chief Davies was involved in the Regina...